Important Things to Know about Travel Routers

Important Things to Know about Travel Routers

A few years back, a blogger friend of mine, Nancy Muldoon, a San Antonio Real Estate Agent out in the state of Texas once shared with me that a travel router can be defined as a pocket Wi-Fi device that works the way a home router does. The only difference is that you can carry a travel router in your luggage. You can also plug it into the internet of your hotel room to enjoy a strong and simple Wi-Fi network. Thus, a travel router enables you to easily link all gadgets onto it. Travel router provides a Wi-Fi hotspot for the phone, tablet, laptop, Firestick, Chromecast, and games console. You can connect all the electronic gadgets that you carry when traveling to this Wi-Fi. 

Why is a Travel Router Better than a Hotspot? 

Travel Wi-Fi hotspots are not secured. They leave travelers’ networks and their data open to the world. That means other people can access your data and steal it via hotspot. On the other hand, travel routers have strong password protection and firewall. They are easy to set up and users can ensure data encryption to keep everything secure and safe. Thus, personal security data is the major reason to use a travel router instead of a hotspot. 

Can a Travel Router be used to access the Internet from Any Location? 

Not really. Travel router does not work the same way mobile phone data does. For instance, it might not work at some places where all that a person needs is a strong signal. It requires an internet connection to function properly. And, this internet connection should come from a café, house, hostel, hotel, or restaurant. A travel router works by connecting to this internet. It only functions like the hub that you link your gadgets to. Thus, the network is the same. What the router does is to simply make the connection safe and easy. 

Travel routers are important for people traveling in groups and individuals with several devices that they want to connect to the internet. As long as you have a strong internet connection, you can easily connect several devices to the Wi-Fi provided by a travel router. 

How to Save Money during a Trip

How to Save Money during a Trip

In a world where everything comes at a price, it is just normal for every traveler to consider the costs of every trip beforehand. While budget constraints can sometimes make you skeptical about taking a trip, it should not hinder you from a long awaited adventure. The following tips can help you to save money during a trip and make the experience memorable. 

Travel during the Off-Season 

Traveling during the common holidays and peak seasons is always very expensive since most people take trips at such times. The airfares, hotel rates and fees for visiting renowned tourist attraction sites usually remain high during Christmas and other national holidays. Thus, travelling against the clock when most people are not taking trips could be a great way to experiencing the world on a budget. Most of the airlines and hotels experience fewer customers during off-seasons, which make them charge lower rates. 

Consider Staying in Hostels 

Contrary to what some usually think, a great vacation is not about staying at posh luxurious hotels. Staying in hostels offer you a much better opportunity to experience the culture and connect with the locals without spending a lot on accommodation. However, you should do some research in advance to find a safe and cheaper hostel that suits your itinerary and budget for the trip. 

Shop Less 

It is always tempting to buy lots of stuff when traveling but, that is also where most travelers often go wrong. If you are on a budget trip, try to cut down your shopping to only include the travel essentials. Buying a lot of items on the road will also increase the weight of the luggage, thus making your trip even more expensive. Instead, consider taking as many photos as possible to keep the memories alive. Photos can last much longer and more cost-effective than buying souvenirs. 

Saving money on the road might seem like one of the most challenging things to a traveler. However, it is possible if you practice the above ideas and maintain a sense of discipline. 

Traveling when You Have the Flu

Traveling when You Have the Flu

Although most people consider flu as a minor condition, it comes with diverse symptoms that could jeopardize your ability to focus on the adventure. However, having a few pointers up your sleeve could help with the proper management of the flu so it does not affect your trip or other travelers. The following are useful tips for traveling when you have flu. 

Carry Medications 

Whether you catch the flu before the trip or on the way, the first action to take should be getting the right medications. Flu is mainly treated by oral prescription drugs that you can easily buy from the pharmacy. 

For severe flu that comes with dizziness, shortness of breath, chest pains and high fever, you should talk to a doctor for diagnosis and health advice before the trip. In some cases, the doctor may advise you to postpone the trip. 

Take Preventive Measures 

Flu is an airborne infection that can easily spread with just a cough or sneeze in enclosed environments. To reduce the chances of transmission and severity of the symptoms, you should consider the following preventive measures. 

  • Observe proper personal and hand hygiene
  • Wear a mask on the plane or train to prevent transmission to other travelers
  • Ask for referrals for clinics or doctors at your destination 
  • Drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated 
  • Avoid spending long hours in overcrowded places 
  • Avoid close contact with sick people

You should also keep warm throughout the trip since the temperature fluctuations on the plane could increase the severity of the symptoms. 

Traveling when you have flu might seem overwhelming due to the symptoms of the infection. However, you can still make the most of the trip with early and proper preparations. The above tips will guide you on how to plan well for memorable trips around the world when you have flu. 

Useful Tips to Help You Survive Holiday Travel

Useful Tips to Help You Survive Holiday Travel

Regardless of where you’re heading, holiday travel can be very stressful. That’s because almost everybody else travels at this time. However, invasive security scanners, long queues at the airport, and terrible drivers shouldn’t hinder you from traveling. Simply follow these tips to survive holiday travel with ease.

Conduct Some Research 

Take time to research your trip, travel route, and destination. Know where there’s likely to be overwhelming traffic, where you’re likely to have a scenic drive or ways you can get to your travel destination easily and comfortably. You can also find alternative travel destinations for the holiday if you realize that your preferred destination will be congested. 

Keep in Touch 

Install the best travel apps on your devices. For instance, install apps that give you the latest travel information on your phone. Such information may include the approximate time you can spend going through security, the best routes to follow, and the cheapest accommodation available. 

Pack Light 

If possible, don’t carry checking bags. That way, you will avoid waiting for the luggage on conveyor belts. You’ll also not have to be worried about losing the Christmas gifts you bought for your loved ones. 

Be Patient

Everything might seem like it’s not going your way when you traveling during the holidays. That’s because everybody is rushing to leave the airport, train station, or bus station. Many people want to be attended to at these places. As such, you can think the attendants are slow or not doing their work properly. However, this is not the case. It’s only that they or their systems are overwhelmed. Therefore, be patient and avoid getting angry. 

Pack Earplugs 

Using your earplugs is the best way to escape the stressful surroundings when traveling during the holiday. Therefore, pack your earplugs and use them when necessary. 

Holiday travel doesn’t have to be stressful and frustrating. Just follow these tips to survive holiday travel with ease. 

What is The Purpose of a Travel Guide?

What is The Purpose of a Travel Guide?

Whenever we decide to go out on adventures, everyone usually wants to visit a new destination with unique activities and attractions. Besides, there is also the excitement of getting the most out of every trip. However, it is still quite challenging to visit all the places that we desire mainly because of lack of adequate information or the inspiration to try new experiences, especially in foreign destinations. A travel guide is often one of the best solutions to such hindrances. So, what is the purpose of a travel guide?

Background Information about Destinations

Travel guides are offered in the form of booklets or soft copy documents with detailed information about different travel destinations. There is a lot of background information that can be found in travel guides including the history of the destination, names of popular landmarks or attractions, means of transportation, accommodation as well as some of the local activities that travelers can engage in while visiting.

The background information is usually offered in plain text with relevant photos and videos that enable travelers to gain better insights into the destinations discussed therein. A travel guide can either focus on a particular destination or multiple destinations.

Travel Tips and Ideas

Apart from background information about travel destinations, travel guides can also provide tips and ideas to assist travelers in getting the most out of every trip. The tips and ideas mainly comprise of views from travel experts and people who have visited the destinations based on their personal experiences. Besides, they can also include views and insights from the locals.

The common topics covered include how to save money while traveling, how to travel light, where to find help when you get sick during a trip, places to avoid among others. Travel guides provide tips and ideas to help you plan and execute a more fulfilling trip.

There is so much more that you can still get from travel guides to help with choosing a travel destination and making the experience memorable. Simply check with your travel agent or airline for the latest travel guides to start planning your adventure.



Tips for Traveling with Terminally Ill Parents

Tips for Traveling with Terminally Ill Parents

The news of terminal illness on your parents will leave you devastated both physically and emotionally. But, it should not be a reason to leave them behind when going on adventures. In fact, coming with them on the trip can be a great opportunity for you to spend the last moments of their lives together. If you are planning a trip with terminally ill parents, the following are guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable adventure.

Consult with a Doctor about Travel Options

While there are some kinds of terminal illnesses that people can safely travel with, there are certain conditions that can make it hard for patients to travel. As a result, it is advisable that you consult with your parents’ doctors to find out if they are fit for travel. Depending on the particular illness and the symptoms, the doctor may clear them to travel or advice against it. In case they are cleared to travel, the doctor will advise on medications and how to care for them during the trip.

Take Time to Learn About the Illness

Terminal illnesses can present a wide range of symptoms with very serious implications. Before traveling, take some time to research about the illness so you know what to expect. Discuss with your parents’ healthy provider to understand how the condition progresses and what you can do to keep safe and happy during the trip.

Know Where to Get Help In case of Emergency

When traveling with terminally ill parents, you never know when their conditions can get worse. Thus, it is important that you know where to get help in case they may need medical assistance. If you are travelling abroad, find hospice care facilities in the area and have their contacts for convenience.

Living with the reality that your parents will soon pass away is hard but, you can rely on the above tips to make your last moments together memorable. Traveling is an incredible way to let go painful experiences.